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    • Brief introduction about us and who we are

    • Bella Vita Corporation srl is an Italian company with a mission to market Italian-sounding products that can be internationally competitive, while also being competitive as mass-market goods. Our team has extensive experience in the world of food trading and retail, and the company has a vast national and international network.

      We are partners of billion-dollar supermarket chains, Crai and Sigma. We are the exclusive sellers of Crai’s and Sigma’s products, which we sell internationally as ‘private labels’.

      Logistically, we have considerable infrastructure: Bella Vita’s warehouse has 15.000 SKU.

      Our legal headquarters are in Via Spontini 22, Rome, Italy.

      Our operative offices are in Via Emilia all'Angelo n.3, Reggio Emilia, Italy.    

    • Our Partners

    • Sigma Group

      Sigma is one of the dominant players of the Italian retail market, having the support of hundreds of important retail entrepreneurs. The whole group can boost a revenue of over €4 bn, ownership and management of 2,200 stores and 11 distribution centres. Sigma, being an established and successful organisation, is aware of the changing trends in the retail industry, and thanks to its huge purchasing power, it has a strong leverage in negotiations. This allows it to get the most competitive prices from any given supplier.

      Sigma is also a prominent member of Confcooperative, a cartel of all the major Italian cooperatives, which makes the group even more prestigious and influential among suppliers.

      Partner’s skills: Leverage in negotiations, logistical infrastructure, vast choice of products.