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    Our warehouse of 15,000 SKU can satisfy all your needs. Our stock includes important national and international brands, private labels, consumer goods, Cash&Carry products, and discount products that can satisfy the needs of all possible markets and income segments. You can find some of our products in the catalogues available on our website. You can also contact us if you wish to receive more information.

    Due to the large variety of our food stocks, we benefit from logistical economies of scale that allow us to accept small orders, as well as large ones. Our minimum order is merely:

    • One pallet per product
    • Minimum order for a container: 20’’

    Consequently, a small order will allow you to benefit from a huge logistical basis of 15,000 SKU, thus enabling you to effectively compete with all the major players in the industry.

    Being partners of Sigma and Crai, we also have access to the regional bank data of all the regional offices. This allows us to locate the most competitive supplier in every region for every product, making sure that our catalogues are always competitive, and that our clients are always one step ahead of the competition.